"This five-song collection successfully crafts a wholly unique sonic atmosphere, warm and soft harmonies and innocent optimism that comes with exploring new musical territory." - Paste Magazine

"There's a certain amount of loving that goes into all of the drops of Santah songs, that turns the concentration into a gossamer drink that goes down smooth and leisurely." - Daytrotter

"Dreamy folk-pop from a Chicago quintet that rides the beautiful vocal interplay of brother/sister singer-guitarists Stanton and Vivian McConnell, nearly threatenig to build to Arcade Fire-level intensity" -Spin Magazine

“It’s not often that songs this versatile come along.” - MTV Hive's Exclusive Premiere of "Indigo"

Rolling Stone Magazine's Exclusive Premiere of "I Love The Way You Seal A Deal" 

"Young and ambitious with the chops to match their swollen hearts, Chicago's Santah creates richly textured rock songs with delicate, resonant emotion." - KDHX

"The single "Teeth" presents the group wide eyed, earnest and ready to take on anything, including the world amid a gorgeous production of lush strings." - Impose Magazine

"“Indigo” offers up a pristine power pop melody that goes beyond the depth of their early work. Having played hundreds of concerts over the past few years, Santah’s devotion to their live show shines through on this." - The Wild Honey Pie

"Mannered, intricate pop constructions like "No Other Women" are impressive, but the band is most memorable when it goes widescreen on "Overgrown" and blows up that darkness to an epic Springsteen scale" - The Chicago Reader

All Things Go's Exclusive Premiere of "Awwh Man" 

 WXRT's Premiere of "Won't Be Long Now"

“They can and undoubtedly have crafted some of the most solid indie-pop coming out of Chicago today” - Loud Loop Press

"...to Santah’s Spanish cover of Bowie’s ‘Five Years’ – a great listen in its own right. Cohesive and pleasingly idiosyncratic, it tugs on your heartstrings in the sweetest of ways." - NME Magazine on I Saved Latin compilation album

"100% sincere and 100% irresistible" - The Music Ninja

"[Santah] should also garner comparisons to a more folksy version of Vampire Weekend or a younger, slightly more poppy Wilco and/or Whiskytown. However they got their sound, it's definitely one worthy of lengthy exploration- Consequence of Sound