Who's in Town? You's in Town.

"Who’s in Town?"

On March 11, check out our supersingle of sorts: equal parts inquisition, retrospection, and funky framily reunion. Complete with two unreleased b-sides from the Chico sessions, "Who's in Town?" also features early demos and alternate incantations of relative historical significance. Orbiting around our blooming springtime anthem, this inquisitive collection has been humbly and heavily influenced by a slew of helpless geniuses that we've been lucky enough to call friends, heroes, and/or objects of adoration.

In other words... We traced our twins' outlines and imagined ourselves inside, each Santah singing alongside the subtle voce and verse of Neruda and Gertrude Stein. We cry out to the sisters Haim and row on in past and present dream; tipping the Scale of Good into the sparkling waters of sister brotherhood, Smith Harbour; with squinted eyes lifted toward the distant fragrant melodies of Sunflower House.

"You's in town."